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Our bodies change as we age and so do our minds. There is no avoiding getting old, if you are lucky. What is the use of a conditioned body, a full head of shiny hair and smooth skin if our minds are old? Physical beauty isn’t timeless – it’s fleeting and there is nothing you can do to totally stop that, even with the best plastic surgeons. A beautiful mind, though it ages. can last forever. Think about all the physically beautiful people you meet who don’t feel beautiful or act beautiful. Then consider all the people with beautiful minds and wonderful personalities. Who do you think is happier and more content in the long run?

No one likes to think about an aging mind or declining brain health. We often get complacent about working on our minds and brains as our society is so focused on external beauty. Here are some basic tips I practice to keep strong on the inside, thus, beautiful on the outside.


Never stop learning
Take a class – Pick up an instrument – Embrace technology – Play challenging games

Always strive to be better at whatever you do
Work – Family – Friends – Hobbies – Special interests

Stay social
Make new friends – Join a club – Start a club – Engage in public activities

Do for others and volunteer
Religious institutions – Schools – Community activities – Friends in need

Practice positive thinking
Say something nice every day to a stranger – Bury the anger – Smile – Stand up tall

Make good nutrition a habit and eat for your brain
Whole grains – Fruits & Veggies – Omega-rich foods – Vitamin/mineral rich foods – Water

Avoid ingesting the bad brain foods
Salt – Sugar – Trans fats – Excess alcohol


Just like your body, the more you work your brain the better maintained it will be. Enjoy the aging process and do all the things you never had time for when you were younger!

Written By,
Ellen Boland